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Why you should talk to counsellor immediately?

GOLS academic counsellors could help you with…

1. Study Plan Preparation, Scheduling, Exam preparation guidance

Help design an effective Study Plan based on your schedule and when you start your preparation and suggest the best way to approach exams with minimum but guided efforts.

2. Going beyond the curriculum setting

A good academic counsellor goes beyond to ensure that a student understands the curriculum. GOLS advisor helps a student to remain steadfast to the career decision he / she has already taken which is to acquire a professional degree.

3. Creative problem solving

Our academic counsellors help students open up their minds to new ideas. They encourage them to be creative in their problem solving approach, something which is highly considered by the examiner.

4. Crisis Management

By understanding the problems faced by a student while preparing for the exams and handholding at crucial periods during the exam and even after the result.

Being inexperienced, often a student cannot effectively weigh how certain choices or decisions they take could affect their goal(s). Our counsellors help students to keep a balanced approach and handle both success and failure with responsibility.

For example many a times a student gets demotivated or wants to give up after facing some initial setbacks. Our counsellors help such a student to remain focused, self-directed, motivated and be a responsible decision-maker. They encourage the student to remain steady, committed and pursue towards successful completion of the degree.

Again in case of success, our counsellors could help a student in selecting the right career path by discussing the pros and cons of each career field.

5. Special Attention

Some students may be weak in certain topics. By steering these students through enough practices, doubt solving our counsellors strengthen these areas.

To conclude, GOLS academic counsellors are like your doctor. You can pour your heart out and remain assured that they will do their best to help you out.

So, don’t hesitate. Take appointment from our Academic Counsellors now!

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